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Stratiss - Overview

IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing


Stratiss Qatar is an ICT solution provider formed with a true customer centric approach in the State of Qatar. Stratiss has a broad range of hardware and software solutions to meet customer demands and expectations, thereby creating a value to reach a commendable position in the market.

Solutions For A Small

  • Passive Networking

  • Active Networking

  • Oracle Based Software

  • Network Security

  • Physical Security

  • IT Outsourcing 

  • Barcode Solutions


Organisations are continuing to face the challenge of investing in strategic IT developments, whilst reducing their IT spend. The driving imperative is to transform systems, processes and operating models, freeing up precious resources to focus on the customer and growth.

At Stratiss we are bringing our wealth of experience to bear to help our clients meet these challenges through tailored outsource solutions. Within an outsourcing partnership, cost saving and performance improvement are the upfront advantages. Funds liberated from the operational budget can then be re-invested in programmes that enable our clients to deliver more for their customers.

Outsourcing IT processes to Stratiss provides a mechanism for implementing strategic change whilst future-proofing and maximising return on investment from current IT systems. This is supported by a full spectrum of venturing and partnership models designed to enable effective sharing of risk and reward in an open and highly commercial culture.

Working in partnership with Stratiss gives organisations seamless access to the skills, knowledge and commercial innovation that drives a business forward. This joint approach delivers an agile IT function, creating a platform for business growth and releasing resources to enable our clients to do more for their customer.