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At Stratiss, we have one of the best of the breed professionals, who are seasoned and skilled to deliver the precise solution, tailored to your specific business requirement and budget, on time every time.

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  • Passive Networking
  • Active Networking
  • Oracle Based Software
  • Network Security
  • Physical Security
  • IT Outsourcing 
  • Barcode Solutions

Stratiss Qatar is an ICT solution provider formed with a true customer centric approach in the State of Qatar. Stratiss has a broad range of hardware and software solutions to meet customer demands and expectations, thereby creating a value to reach a commendable position in the market.

With Stratiss, partners are assured of high-ROI business solutions, performance improvements that lower operating costs, and process optimization to deliver improved efficiency. Stratiss considers IT as the backbone of a business efficiency eco-system and we provide complete solutions to address all aspects of our customer's IT needs, across the entire chain from conceptualization to implementation.

Stratiss has the best of the breed employees who are seasoned and skilled professionals. Our highly experienced and skilled team will deliver the precise solution you need, tailored to your specific business requirements, on time and on budget every time.

Stratiss is committed to consistently provide solutions to our customers that are both cost-effective and time-efficient. We work with each of our customers to find ways to utilize and leverage the latest technologies to help them gain a competitive edge over their competition. Stratiss helps you turn your ideas into digital reality, on time on budget every time, rest assured.